Do you always spill your coffee when you walk back to your desk, like I do? You need to get your hands on the latest Internet fad, something called the SpillNot. Check out this video...


I've watched this video online a couple of times yesterday, and it got me curious enough to search for more information on this device.

It turns out, it's called the Incredible SpillNot beverage carrier. And while I just saw the video on Facebook yesterday, apparently it's been around for several years now-- the date on the video is from 2013.

I have to say, though, I'm still impressed by how well the SpillNot appears to work. It looks like it allows you to carry just about any cup filled with liquid, and not spill even a drop-- no matter how much you move it around.

Which is perfect for me, because I, like many of us, am pretty much addicted to having a big mug of coffee every morning.

But one of my biggest pet peeves is when you slop and spill coffee all over your mug when you're walking back to your desk or chair. Seeing as I always fill my mug right to the top,it seems like I'm ALWAYS spilling some over the side.

I need to get me of these SpillNots. Take a look at this video. It's real, alright-- and they even show you how it works. (Nothing like a little science on your Friday morning, is there?)

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