Pumping gas used to be a pretty simple concept, but this gas pump in northwest Rochester makes it more confusing than it has to be!


I won't say where I encountered this pump, but the instructions for using this company's rewards program (which saves you cents-per-gallon off your purchase) have me completely confused.

(In fact, while using these same pumps earlier this year, I nearly drove off without paying -- accidentally, of course -- because I couldn't figure out how to make things work, using my key card, debit card and that confounded "no" button!)

And, if this photo is evidence, I'm not the only one who doesn't know how to use it. Check out the handy red sticker. It's supposed to tell you where to press 'NO' on the pump. Except the sticker makes it look like you're supposed to press the pump RIGHT THERE, doesn't it? I mean, it only says Press "NO" Here, right?

But, of course, you don't actually press NO right there, no matter what the sticker says. In reality, you have to follow the red arrow sticker below it and keep moving left to actual key pad to find the red 'NO' button you're supposed to press.

But check out how faded that red Press "NO" Here sticker is -- apparently I'm not the only one who's tried to press it right there! Confusing, isn't it?!?

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