I spotted it while out for a walk through downtown Rochester earlier this week, and given what's in store for us this weekend, it definitely sent a chill down my spine.


So there I was, about to head across the mighty Zumbro River on the pedestrian bridge at the end of Third Street Southeast-- it's the bridge that takes you right along the east edge of the river, near the Olmsted County Government Center.

Sure enough, there it was. And even though it was a lovely fall day in the Med City (sunny skies with temperatures in the mid 50's), it brought a chill to my spine. Literally.

That's right. "Do Not Stock Pile Snow In This Area," that's all it said. But it reminded me of the cold, snowy winter that's lurking on the horizon here in Minnesota. If you're old enough, like me, you remember all the snow dumped on us during the Halloween Blizzard of 1991, so I guess the thought of snow on October 26th shouldn't be all that jarring. But it was.

And the sign raised a question, as well. What's with the 'no stockpiling' part? Isn't stockpiling when you save stuff for use when it's needed later? (Like when they say they're stockpiling flu vaccines for use later this winter?) I'm guessing the sign-maker probably meant no PILING snow there, because I'm guessing they're not saving snow at that spot for use later on, right?

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