It was my first time every going through with a Polar Plunge for Special Olympics, and I had a blast!

So many of you came out, and what a beautiful day to do it! I've got a say, if it wasn't so nice out I might've chickened out!

In total, Rochester raised more than $200,000 and about 1,100 of us jumped.

Our team started our day at Whistle Binkies North, and decided to take the shuttle over to Foster Arend Park from there.

Did you see the Ice Ice Babies from Y105-FM jump? Our jump time was around 2:30 Saturday afternoon, and by the looks of it, a lot of us went around then. Let me just tell you... THE WATER WAS COLD.

I'm thrilled to have jumped! It really is exhilarating! Your adrenaline is pumping the entire time. I think the realization of what you're about to do really hits you when you first enter the changing tents.

The most surprising thing that I noticed was how my body went instantly numb upon hitting the air again, after jumping. Not surprising, had anyone seriously struggled, about six officers and paramedics were either in the water or on the beach at Foster Arend Park.

Check out these pictures from my first plunge!

I've gotta say, I think it was best to do a two-piece suit for this one. This way, I didn't have any extra pieces of clothing clinging to me making it harder to dry off.

Post your plunging pictures below! Would love to hear about your experience! I sure had a lot of fun! Shout out to my fellow "babies"!!

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