It seems like there's a world record for just about everything these days, and sure enough, there's now a new record-tieing cat that just happens to live right here in the Bold North.

The kitty that tied that Guinness Book of World Records is named Paws, and she calls Northfield, Minnesota home. She was adopted after her owner's son found her on his farm near Cokato.

Now, in which category could a cat possibly set a record? If it was our cats, it might be napping, playing with anything with a feather on it, napping, napping or napping. Those are all good guesses, but Paws here just tied a world record for... the most number of toes!

That's right. According to this CBS-Minnesota story, while most cats have 18 toes, Paws here tips the scales and ties the world record with 28 toes. That's a lot!

Most multi-toed cats (the actual name for it is 'polydactyl') usually have an extra toe on their front claws, but Paws has way more than that. She has three extra toes on each forepaw and three extra toes on each back paw.

Her owner, Jeanne Martin, of Northfield, said in the story that Paws’ genetic trait comes in handy. “It almost looks like a catcher’s mitt,” Martin said in the story. Good for you, Paws!

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