Seeing as we're dealing with another lovely round of the white stuff... again... in southeast Minnesota, I'm surprised this story didn't take place here in the Bold North. Or, even more likely, in my home state of Wisconsin (where it was probably preceded by the phrase, "Here, hold my beer...").

But, no, it turns out this story actually takes place in Michigan. In Dearborn Heights, specifically (which is a suburb of Detroit.) It involves a guy who's mowing his lawn... wait for it... in the snow.

Detroit TV station Fox 2 has more on the story, and how the video below was shot by a neighbor who was somewhat perplexed when he heard the sound of a lawnmower in his neighborhood.

Which, when you think about it, would sound odd, wouldn't it? I mean, sure, we're all used to hearing the telltale sound of a gas-powered lawn mower all the time here in Minnesota-- in spring and summer. But it WOULD sound weird to hear it now, right? It'd be like when you hear the sound of a snowblower in the middle of July-- it sounds familiar, yet out of place.

So why was this guy mowing his lawn in the snow? We may never know. The story notes that he wasn't using it in place of a snowblower, because "He definitely left track marks in the snow going back and forth - plus he had the bagger on, indicating that the snow wasn't blowing out and away but rather into the bag," the story said.

Have you ever seen anything like this here in Minnesota?

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