They call Chicago the 'Windy City,' but as everyone here in Rochester knows, it's usually WAAAAY windier here than it is over there in Illinois. And now a new time-lapse video proves just how windy it really is here in the Med City.

A new video posted on KTTC's Chief Meteorologist Matt Benz's Twitter page offers definitive proof that Rochester really is a windy city.

Which isn't surprising, I guess, seeing that as recently as two years ago, the Weather Channel ranked our fair city of Rah Rah Rochester at number-two on the list of America's Windiest Cities. We came in right behind Amarillo, Texas. Meanwhile, Chicago-- the so-called 'Windy City'-- didn't even crack the top ten.

Anyway, in this cool time-lapse video taken from one of KTTC's downtown sky cams during sunrise Wednesday morning, you can see the exhaust coming off various downtown buildings that how windy it is in Rochester-- and how the winds shift around.

(And, I didn't think it was a particularly windy day yesterday, either. Imagine what the video would look like during one of Wind Advisories!)

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