Friday's weather certainly was windy here in Rochester, with gusts predicted to reach 50 or 55 miles an hour. But we really shouldn't be too surprised, after seeing where Rochester ranks on the list of America's 10 Windiest Cities.


Sure, Friday's weather was windy. The National Weather Service even issued a Wind Advisory for most of southeast Minnesota, with sustained winds of 30-40 mph, and those big gusts in the 50 mph range.

But should we really be all that surprised? Not if you check out this list the Weather Channel put together, called 'America's 10 Windiest Cities.' And just check out where the Med City ranks on this list:

America's 10 Windiest Cities
#10: Buffalo, N.Y. (Avg. wind speed: 11.8 mph)
#9: Abilene, Texas (Avg. wind speed: 11.9 mph)
#7 (tie): Oklahoma City, Okla. (Avg. wind speed: 12.2 mph)
#7 (tie): Fargo, N.D. (Avg. wind speed: 12.2 mph)
#7 (tie): Wichita, Kan. (Avg. wind speed: 12.2 mph)
#4: Boston (Avg. wind speed: 12.3 mph)
#3: Lubbock, Texas (Avg. wind speed: 12.4 mph)
#2: Rochester, Minn. (Avg. wind speed: 12.6 mph)
#1: Amarillo, Texas (Avg. wind speed: 13.6 mph)

That's right, we're ranked second in the nation when it comes to windy cities!  Take that, Chicago! (Note that the 'Windy City' didn't even make the list.) The article also says our windiest days usually feature a southerly wind, and that our windiest months are January and April-- though that doesn't explain Friday's windy conditions.

It also notes that our highest wind gust ever recorded was a whopping 74 miles an hour, recorded on August 11, 2007. Now THAT'S windy!