March 14th is National Potato Chip Day, so in honor of that momentous holiday, here's a shout-out to the potato chips made right here in Minnesota that, while popular here, are actually one of Canada's most popular snacks.

Here in the U.S., when you think potato chips, you probably think of Lays, Ruffles or Pringles, right? Those are the top three selling potato chip brands across the country-- and by a wide margin, according to this story.

But there ARE smaller, regional brands that are still doing well-- including Minnesota's own Old Dutch. They're based in Roseville, and have been making chips here in the Bold North (BTW, is that still a thing? Are we still saying 'Bold North'? Or was that only in reference to Super Bowl LII?) Land of 10,000 Lakes for 80 years now.

And while they do rank 17th in the top 20 brands when it comes to sales of potato chips here in the states, they're WAAAY out in front at number-one with our neighbors in the Great White North.

That's right, Canada can't get enough of Old Dutch Potato Chips. Canadians apparently love eating them at home and when they're ooot and abooot. (Which is how Canadians say that, right?) It probably doesn't hurt that Old Dutch has a big manufacturing facility in Winnipeg, but it's still a Minnesota company.

And, while they're a Midwest regional favorite, Old Dutch is also the official potato chip of the Twins, the University of  Minnesota, U of M-Duluth, Mankato State, and the University of North Dakota too.

So, in honor of Minnesota's own Old Dutch on National Potatoe Chip Day, here's a cheesy Old Dutch commercial from the 80's. Cheers!

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