It's almost like an early Christmas presen,t if you're looking to ditch our Minnesota cold and snow and head someplace warmer!

The announcement is that Minnesota's own Sun Country Airlines is offering up several new flights to some great warm weather destinations-- including Hawaii, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

The Eagan-based airline made the announcement Thursday that it was now offering these new flights, which are both expected to compete with existing Delta flights to those same destinations-- which, hopefully, will give us better, more competitive prices.

Sun Country said its Hawaii flights will run between Minneapolis and Honolulu four times a week, Friday through Monday, between May 19 and August 19. But they won't quite be non-stop, however. There'll still be "short stop in Los Angeles before continuing to Honolulu," the airline said.

The airline said the new flights now means that Sun Country flies to 43 different domestic and international beach destinations.

I'm pretty excited about it. I love flying Sun Country, mainly because you fly out of Terminal 2 at MSP-- the smaller, way less-busy terminal. Which means going through the TSA lines are a breeze. And, it also means you're probably also routed through the less busy terminals at your destination, too. We flew Sun Country to San Francisco a few years ago and loved it. Go, Sun Country!


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