I don't own a pet myself (yet), but the plan is to get a dog someday when both my girls are older and can help me take care of it. However a lot of my friends do own animals and I'm sure they're constantly worrying about every little thing that comes up with any situation.

So when I found this info about the Red Cross creating a 'Pet First Aid' app, I felt obligated to share it with everyone, especially because it's FREE to download from the app store.

This app has a ton of helpful information, such as it can tell you if your pets are dehydrated, how to treat an animal that's bleeding, and maybe the most important: Detailed steps for pet CPR.

While this app reminds us it's not intended to replace a licensed veterinarian, it can certainly be helpful in many non-emergency situations.

What's even more helpful, is that it also features a neat pet-friendly hotel locator. I've heard that can also make a world of difference when you have no choice but to travel with your pets.

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