Once we knew things were headed south for the Vikings during Sunday's NFC Championship game, there came another sad reality Minnesotans were going to have to put up with: Not only were the Eagles going to the Super Bowl, but they were headed right back here to our backyard. Ugh. But this Tweet pretty much perfectly sums up how we're feeling.

Luckily, Monday's big snowstorm helped get our minds off Sunday's loss-- and the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles (and their horribly-behaved fans) were headed right here to rub their victory in our face all over again in our own home stadium. Sheesh.

Being a Packer fan, I'm also used to the sting of losing the NFC Championship game-- the Packers lost to the Seahawks a few years ago, and they were soundly beaten by the Falcons last year-- but at least the Super Bowl wasn't being held in Green Bay.

(That's because the city of Green Bay is too small by NFL standards, and doesn't have enough hotels room they require to host a Super Bowl.)

But this year? Ugh. R.T. Rybak is the former mayor of Minneapolis, and these days serves as president of the Minneapolis Foundation. He also spends some time here in Rochester, serving on the Destination Medical Center Corporation board. His Tweet Monday pretty much perfectly summed up how most Minnesotans are now feeling about hosting Super Bowl LII. Check it out...

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