It's odorless, it's colorless and it's estimated to be present in 40 percent of homes here in Minnesota. Is it in your home?


I'm talking about radon. And if radon is present in your home, that's not a good thing. In fact, if it is, you'll want to take steps ASAP to get it out.

That's because radon, which is a type of radiation, can to serious damage to your lungs, among other things. The Minnesota Department of Health says that long-term exposure to radon can lead even lead to lung cancer.

21,000 lung cancer deaths occur in the U.S. each year due to radon, making it a serious health concern for all of us in Minnesota.

I'll admit, I didn't know much about radon until earlier this year. And, I mistakenly thought that because we have a walk-out basement, that radon probably isn't an issue for our home. Turns out, that's a big myth. Radon is found in all 50 states, and can be found in any home-- no matter the layout or how old it is.

So what should you do?

Health Department officials urge every home in Minnesota to get tested for radon. You can buy your own radon test (Click here to buy a radon test), or you can call a local company (like American Waterworks in Pine Island) that specializes in testing and removing radon from your home.

Or check out this list of radon mitigation service providers.

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