Don't you just hate it when companies stop making a favorite product of yours? But that's what happening with this soda... soon!


I'm talking about Coke Zero. And if you like it, you might want to stock up because Coca-Cola announced they're going to stop making it. According to this Business Insider story, it's being replaced with something new called Coke Zero Sugar.

The story says the new version tastes more like regular Coke than the old Coke Zero.

"According to Coca-Cola, which spent more than a year market testing the product, Coke Zero Sugar is closer to the taste of the standard Coca-Cola. But with zero sugar and zero calories, the drink is designed for customers who are seeking lower-sugar options," the story noted.

Now while I haven't had too many cans of Coke Zero (and won't be too upset when it leaves), I'm wondering if this will turn out like things did when Coke famously rolled out their New Coke formula back in the '80s.

Remember that? The New Coke was SOOO unpopular, they were forced to bring back the old Coke formula ("Coke Classic" they called it) until they finally just sent New Coke to the trash heap of failed marketing experiments.

Even though I don't drink that much soda (or "pop" as we said back in Wisconsin) I'm looking forward to trying the new Coke Zero Sugar. What say you?

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