A marine worker in Indiana found a giant spider earlier this week and posted its picture online-- but could it be also here in Minnesota?!?

If you haven't see it yet, you HAVE to see this incredible picture. (Click HERE to see it, courtesy of KARE-11) It's something that looks like it might be a fake, Photoshopped or maybe a prop from a movie.

But, no, it's real, alright. And it's terrifying-- especially if you're not a fan of spiders. I've never minded spiders-- they eat mosquitoes and other insects, mind you-- so I've always just let them be. In fact, Sometimes, rather than just smash them with a Kleenex, I'll even move them back outside.

But even I might have to take a step back if I encountered THIS spider. A guy working at a marine company in Indiana found the giant arachnid earlier this week, and posted its picture online saying, "They found this giant beast on a boat at work today. Beware all Elkhart (County) residents. They are out there and they are real," the story said.

And, yeah, iturns out, they ARE real-- but they're also harmless. Wildlife experts said it's actually a fishing spider, and while this one was found in Indiana, they're also commonly found here in Minnesota too.

In fact, the University of Minnesota says fishing spiders are the largest spiders found here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. This one in Indiana was even bigger, but fishing spiders routinely have a body nearly an inch long, with its leg span reaching several inches.

But again, the U says, while they look menacing, they're essentially harmless. They're called fishing spiders because they mainly live near rivers, lakes or ponds and use their long legs to walk on the surface of the water.

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