Sure, we all know that Super Bowl LII is this weekend and that it's the first time Minnesota has hosted the Big Game since the Metrodome was still the Vikings' home stadium. That was back in 1992. But do you remember which commercial was the most-watched (and most talked-about) back then?

Certainly things have changed just a bit in the last 26 years, right? Back then, I was in college at UW-Eau Claire and remember watching the game on a 13-inch TV with my roommates. The Redskins ended up beating the Bills in that game, 27-24.

But seeing as neither the Vikings or Packers were in the Big Game that year, the commercials were pretty much the only other thing we all watched the game for back then. And, even they didn't get the huge spotlight they'd go onto receive in the Internet age 10 years later.

But there was ONE commercial from 1992 that got everybody talking. It featured a then-26-year-old Cindy Crawford, in her jean shorts and white tank top, stopping her sports car to grab an ice cold Pepsi. It was THE most-watched commercial of the year the last time the Super Bowl was held here in the Bold North (before we called it that, of course).

And, interestingly enough, Pepsi's set to bring back that same commercial this year-- or, an updated version of it, anyway-- this time, starring Cindy and her son. (You can read more about the new version HERE.)

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