This time of the year, when the grass, trees and flowers all start blooming, is great in Minnesota. But it also means some nasty, restricted weeds could be popping up in your yard, too.

Garlic Mustard infestation (Minnesota DNR)
Garlic Mustard infestation (Minnesota DNR)

Our local neighborhood website posted a notice over the weekend that THIS noxious, invasive weed has been spotted in our neck of the woods. And, that because it's an invasive species not native to Minnesota, the post said if it was in your yard, you're advised to take steps to get rid of it.

Just what is it? It's the Alliaria petiolata plant, more commonly called Garlic Mustard. And while it sounds like something you might enjoy on a hot dog or brat, it's not supposed to be here in Minnesota. (Don't get it confused with another invasive species that sounds like food, the Wild Parsnip -- which can be nasty if you come in contact with it!)

The Minnesota DNR website says Garlic Mustard is native to Europe, and was first brought to New York state in the 1800s. It has now spread across the east coast and here into the Midwest.

The site says it poses a threat because it can take over an area (like your yard) and alter your natural vegetation (that'd be your grass and other plants) which then is a threat to native birds and animals.

To find out more about Garlic Mustard, what it looks like, and how to get it out of your yard, just click HERE.

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