Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry reflect on their respective artistic paths in the music video for their duet, "Where We Started," and ultimately come together for soaring a finish.

The song — which is the title track off of Rhett's spring 2022 album — gets a dreamy and imaginative treatment in the music video, with scenes of the two artists sitting alone against their respective backdrops, in rooms draped with gauzy, billowing fabric. Backed by shadowy blue and pink backdrops, they trade lines and harmonize through a performance of their song, ultimately joining forces in the same shot to sing the final bars while Rhett strums an acoustic guitar.

While much of the video's aesthetics are abstract, there are a few subtle clues along the way that nod to the song's meaning: Its lyrics find the two artists thinking back to their humble beginnings, and realizing that, no matter how much changes, some things will always stay the same. As Rhett and Perry perform, we see guitars lying beside them, plus what appears to be an upright piano positioned behind Perry as she sings.

As they walk towards each other for the final chorus, both artists pass by a mirror: In its reflection, we see their younger selves, with a long-haired Rhett wearing a football jersey, and Perry's younger self holding an acoustic guitar.

It's a personal song for both artists, reminding them of their long journeys to musical stardom  and the people who have provided them support every step of the way.

"I loved being able to create a dreamy world for 'Where We Started,'" Perry says of the video-making process in a press release, "going back to the Nashville singer-songwriter roots of where I started."

For Rhett, the music video makes him think not only of his career as a whole, but also the long, exciting journey that the duet has been on to get to this point. "Working with Katy has really been a collaborative process," he says. "From tracking the song in the studio, to performing it on American Idol, to this video — her input has made this whole experience really special for me."

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