Thomas Rhett's two adorable daughters are an endless source of cuteness documented on both his and wife Lauren's social media accounts, and the latest the proud dad has posted is sure to brighten up even the draggiest Monday.

On June 4, Rhett shared a photo of his younger girl, Ada James, trying out a brand-new phrase. It's one that every parent knows well: "Uh-oh."

Rhett himself admits this is "becoming a pretty common word in this house." We're not sure what has been going on in the household of late, but this sounds par for the course when you've got kids of a certain age. However, Ada's sweet little voice is sure to melt anyone's heart in an instant, no matter what she (and big sister Willa Gray) have gotten into.

Rhett's wife Lauren celebrated one year of motherhood with a sweet social media post last month, as May 12 marked one year to the day that she and Rhett brought Willa home from her native Uganda after a difficult year-long adoption process, and they've been sharing personal glimpses into their family life ever since.

Ironically, after wanting to be parents for a long time, Rhett and Akins found out that she was pregnant when they were well into the adoption process. They became parents for the second time in August 2017, when they welcomed daughter Ada James.

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