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Seeing as it's Throwback Thursday, we're throwing it back to those days when a great rush of air would literally blow you right out of the Metrodome in Minneapolis.

Ahh, you remember Minnesota's Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, don't you? It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that the home of the Twins, Vikings and Gophers was still gloriously standing in Minneapolis, with its white plastic, puff-like roof all inflated. Of course, the Metrodome hasn't been standing in Minnesota now for over seven years; it was torn down in February, 2014 to make way for the shiny, new billion-dollar U.S. Bank Stadium, which sits in roughly the same spot.

And, actually, saying the Dome's roof was plastic is inaccurate. According to this story from Stadiums of Pro Football, the Metrodome's roof was actually made of Teflon (which, I guess could be considered 'plastic,' but I digress...) and it was totally supported by air.

The Metrodome's roof consisted of over ten acres of Teflon-coated fiberglass. It was the only air-supported dome and fans entered the park through revolving doors that prevented the release of air and kept the dome upright. In order to remain inflated, the roof required 250,000 cubic feet of air pressure per minute.

But, here's the thing you might not remember: If you happened to exit the Metrodome using the regular, not revolving doors, all that air pressure inside pretty much blew you right out the doors. Literally. This Post Bulletin story from 1990 says there were reports of fans' hats being blown off while leaving through those doors, and some fans were even completely knocked over. I seem to recall there being a pretty good breeze at your back even when you left the Dome using the revolving doors, as well.

Check the video (from 2002) below to see what I'm talking about. Were YOU ever blown out of the Dome? Of course, the Metrodome itself was blown...up... by dynamite when crews tore it down 7 years ago; that video is just below, as well.

Yes, times sure have changed, since the Twins, Vikings and Gophers called the Metrodome home, haven't they? The concessions ALONE at Target Field, Huntington Bank Stadium (that's the new name for the Gopher's TCF Bank Stadium) and U.S. Bank Stadium are EONS better than what you could get at the Dome (except for maybe a Dome Dog)

Speaking of food, keep scrolling to see how something else we were all familiar with back in the day has changed too: school cafeteria meals!

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