He's coming here to Minnesota in April, but seeing as it's Throwback Thursday, I'm looking back on the time I met Vince Gill.

It all went down before his show at the La Crosse Center back in 1994 or 1995. Back in those days, I was working at a country radio station in Eau Claire, WI, and I got to host a limo ride with meet-and-greet passes for one lucky listener.

Of course, back then, Vince was one of the hottest country artists our there-- he and Reba McEntire were the Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood of the day, hosting the CMA Awards each year, and having a ton of great hit songs. So he was a big deal. (He still is, of course, but he was an even bigger deal back then.)

When it was our turn to meet Vince, our listener, who was a BIG Vince fan, couldn't stop herself. Normally, during these meet-and-greets, you say hi to the artist, shake their hand and maybe pose for a picture.

But our listener was such a HUGE Vince fan, she ran right up and gave him a big 'ol bear hug. Kind of like a wrestling move, really. I was standing behind her in line and when I looked at Vince, he looked right back at me, and I could see terror in his eyes. Seriously. He was a wee bit surprised, to say the least.

Luckily, Vince, being the great guy he is, somehow politely wiggled out of the hug, didn't call security, and continued with the meet-and-greet. But I still think of that face Vince made to this day. Wanna win tickets to see Vince in Mankato in April? Click the button below to get entered!

Here's one of Vince's big hits from back in the day, too... Liza Jane. Enjoy!

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