Thankfully, it looks like things really are starting to get warmer in southeast Minnesota. While the weather was taking its sweet time deciding what season it was going to stay in, I learned a pretty important lesson.

"What was that lesson, Val the fashionista?" you may ask? High top shoes are truly your friend.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

Why is this? Well, it just seems like you can enter the office one day when it's snowing and leave that same day in the mud. High top shoes protect your ankles (and pants!) no matter what the weather decided to do. They're also cuter than snowboots - let's be honest.

Take a look at how I worked them into my outfits this week! Which look is your favorite?

You see? There really is a way to stay fashionably prepared for the weather! It's hard, I know. It's taken me six years of living in the Midwest to get with the program.

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