As a child, I remember looking up at the sky night after night ever clear sky summer and fall evenings, just laying on a blanket in the yard, and staring up at a star-filled sky.  Looking at the amazing path of the Milky Way, and seeing the twinkle and sparkle of billions of stars all around.

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Apparently, we have been having some amazing northern light action over central Minnesota for the last couple of nights. However; the beauty in the skies may not be over quite yet.

There is a chance that we could see the Aurora Borealis again tonight. According to, They say we can expect some G1 and G2 Geomagnetic Storm Impact activity yet this evening. Will there be a complete cloud cover? There is a chance, but you never know!

If you head out to the country, away from city lights, that's going to be your best chance at seeing the northern lights. Pictures just never quite capture how amazing it is to see this amazing light show in the sky.

I live in St. Cloud, and even if you drive out to areas right around town, You still won't be able to see them. You really need to find a rural area, where there are NO lights to see the northern lights.

If you are really fascinated with the northern lights, actually has a text they will send you when conditions are just right for a great light show. I did look for a free option and didn't find that, but they do have plans as low as about $5.


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