If you're the kind of family that likes to deck the halls until it hurts, then you might want to read this.

"Alexa... why is the Internet so slow right now?" That's probably what's going through your head as you're surfing the web and each and every page is taking forever to load!

Well here's something you've probably never thought of, it's because your house is lit up brighter than the North Pole that it's causing all your electronics to slow way down.

According to the Huffington Post, all those Christmas lights and decorations can actually slow down your Wi-Fi speed. Turns out some wireless networks aren't set up correctly and can suffer “interference” from electronics like your Christmas lights in and around the house.

So in case your Netflix account is lagging, or your online shopping is taking forever, just try unplugging your lights while you're doing it. Besides, if anything it'll save you a couple dollars on your electricity bill too.

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