I spend about five or so hours weekly traveling on the Interstate. For most of the Winter, most drivers were using the lanes correctly. Well, I guess, assuming everyone was all of a sudden aware of how to drive on the Interstate was a bit presumptuous.

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I pulled onto the Interstate 94 recently and I thought maybe a "Left Lane Cruisers" meeting had just let out somewhere.  At one point on my trip, there were 6 to 8 cars, all in the left lane and zero cars in the right lane. Unacceptable!

There are 3 types of Left Lane Cruisers;

There's the I Don't Know Any Better, These drivers are just ignorant on lane usage. Usually, you can pass them on the right and give a little head shake as you go by and usually this will shame them back into the right lane.  Mostly, they seem oblivious to chaos they are creating for those of us zipping along in the left lane, possibly a bit over the "suggested" speed limit.

Then we have the I Just Like The Left Lane Better, "Left Lane is for Passing Only".  It's not an optional lane for your entire trip.

The I Am The Speed Monitor is the worst of all. They ride in the left lane going about 72 mph in a 70 mph speed zone in an attempt to keep others from driving faster. Yesterday, I came upon one of these people. When they didn't move over to let me pass, I pulled into the right lane to pass. Well, this guy wasn't going to let me get away with that, so he sped up to keep me from passing him.

Perhaps we need stiffer penalties that put the fear of the law into the clueless heads of these chronic left lane cruisers.  Here a few possible penalties we could impose just for a start;

  • 1st offense, maybe a warning. Really, I think some drivers just don't know the rule and think "Hey, I'll just plug up this lane for awhile or maybe my entire trip."
  • 2nd offense, take their car keys and throw them in a field
  • 3rd offense, put a big orange dot on the back of their vehicle which signifies that they are on "Left Lane Cruiser's" probation.  They may only use the left lane to pass and then immediately get back in the right lane.
  • 4th offense, 2 big orange dots on the back of their vehicle signifying that they are, under no circumstances, allowed in the left lane for a designated period of time.
  • 5th offense  PRISON

Remember, Don't Be A Loser, Don't Be A Left Lane Cruiser!

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