It's already one of Rochester's busier streets, but starting next Monday, traffic is going to be REALLY bad along this stretch of road near St. Marys Hospital. Here's why...

It's going to be SOOO bad, in fact, that Rochester's Public Works Department is urging anyone who travels that way to find an alternate route-- especially if you use Second Street to get downtown.

According to a post on their Facebook page, RPW is going to be doing utility work in two different spots along that stretch of Second Street starting Monday, May 14th. They'll be installing new utilities at both the Alatus project (where the old Brentwood Inn used to stand), as well as tackling a utility project near the Ronald McDonald House as well.

As a result, traffic on Second Street will down to ONE LANE IN EACH DIRECTION from Highway-52 all the way to 6th Street, from Monday, May 14th until Friday, June 1st. And it will affect everything-- bus traffic, shuttle traffic, you name it. "Expect significant impacts to transit service, including detours on many routes, temporary relocation of stops, and system-wide delays," the post said.

So, yeah, that's gonna suck. Big time. In fact, RPW says you should pretty much avoid that stretch altogether if you can and find either an 'alternate modes of transportation' (hot air balloon maybe?) to get downtown.

Good luck-- we're gonna need it!

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