Super delicious and easy to make! If you're busy, and need an idea, try this for dinner!

My husband and I make beef enchiladas about once a week, mainly because they're a great opportunity for tasty leftovers! Prep time takes about a half hour, cooking time is less than ten minutes!

You'll need...

-at least 1lb of ground beef (or chicken! you can use that too!)

-Mexican cheese

- one jar of taco sauce

-at least four wheat tortillas

-one can of refried beans

Watch the video to see how it's put together, but it's a pretty easy process. Simply cook the meat and add the spices you enjoy, grab some tortillas, spread the beans on each tortilla, then load them up with the meat, top with cheese, and fold!

Once they're folded and in the pan, top them with taco sauce and sprinkle some more cheese on those bad boys!

Once they're assembled, cook for about eight minutes or so. Enjoy!

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