The Quick Country studio has been a place of storytelling this past week with our "Who's Telling the Truth?" contest. I told the truth twice. If you missed it, here are my stories, and me regrettably singing on camera!

My apologies for the awful singing!! It's true, I was a spoiled rotten kid. My mom was entirely too good to me! She didn't want my birthday to be ruined, so she still took us to the Mall of America. Now that I'm all grown up and love my mom more than ever, I hate myself for doing that to her, but truly appreciate the person she was for me back then and now!

Rocky Mountain Oysters = YUCK! I've yet to touch one since the day my dad lied to me about what they were. It is true, they taste kind of like chicken, BUT I can't stop imagining what I'm eating so they're NOT for me!!


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