Tyler Hubbard's solo career is well underway with the release of his debut solo single, "5 Foot 9," and other tracks including "35's" and "Way Home." The former Florida Georgia Line duo member also shared that his debut solo album will drop in early 2023, but first, he has treated fans to a six-track EP titled Dancin' in the Country, which dropped on Aug. 19.

He will also join Keith Urban on Urban's Speed of Now Tour starting Sept. 3. Hubbard recently sat down with Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul to chat about new music, life as a solo artist and what fans can expect from him on tour.

I hear Keith Urban vibes on "Dancin' in the Country." Is there something, maybe from his Ripcord album, that inspired the tune?

We wrote that one together, so he’s definitely got his flavor on there and added a new element to what I was writing at the time. It felt really good and just a cool, fun, up-tempo dance song. I’m excited to play that one out on tour with him, and who knows, maybe I can convince him to come out and play a guitar solo with me or something. I’m excited.

You've said “Way Home” is a song about where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to be. So, where do you want to be? What are your goals now as a solo artist?

The song really says a lot, I’d say, from a big-picture perspective. If I’m riding in the passenger seat and letting Jesus control where I’m headed, I think that’s the best place to be, from my experience. I find a lot of joy and less stress when I’m in that headspace. Having three kids and starting a new career and being where I’m at, I’ve really had to let go of control in a lot of different areas of my life. I think that’s ultimately the goal: try to let go of control on a more daily basis. That song has been that reminder for me pretty often.

Is there a song on the new album that was so personal that you were hesitant to include it?

The song “Miss My Daddy” actually was a very personal song that I wrote by myself, and was sort of a therapeutic experience for me to write that song. I never expected to record it. At that time, I never expected to do a solo artist thing. Now that I am where I’m at, that song has become such an important part of my story that I felt like it was important to put on this project.

Last time we talked, you weren’t sure how you were going to tour as a solo artist. The Keith Urban tour begins in less than a month. What can we expect?

I figured it out. I got a call from Keith, and I said, ‘Yep, that’s how we’re gonna do it.’ I’m excited. I’m going to play a lot of my new stuff, I’m going to play a couple of the FGL songs that I wrote to give the fans something really familiar and kind of help connect the dots. But I’m just going to out and have a good time, get the fans warmed up for Keith, play them some new music and start to tell my story and start to get ready for, hopefully, a big year next year.

When was the last time you were a tour opener?

Good question. It’s probably been five or six years at this point. Maybe even longer, actually, now that you mention it. It feels good. I love playing the direct support slot and to be able to play a fifty-minute set and just go out there and rock for fifty minutes, it’s going to be really fun.

Aside from the current single, which song are you most excited to perform live?

“Inside and Out” is a really fun one live, and it’s something kind of different, feels different. “Baby Gets Her Lovin’” is also a really fun one to play, so I don’t know. I really love all these new ones, and I’ve played a couple shows now, and they’re all just so much fun to play, so I’m excited.

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