Another UFO sighting has been reported in the Twin Ports region of Duluth, Minnesota and this one is extra spooky.

There have been UFO sightings in the Northland quite a bit over the last few years. The most recent story came from someone just last month. In July, a member of the community reached out and shared a UFO sighting she had along the North Shore.

Earlier this year, I wrote about another UFO sighting that happened on the Iron Range. Someone reported seeing something spooky in the Chisholm area and the reporting party said that it all went down in May of this year.

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Like I said, it is not entirely uncommon for people to report these supernatural sightings or for them to happen right here in the Northland. I was browsing the National UFO Reporting Center's website and noticed that there has been yet another UFO sighting in our area recently.

For the record, the National UFO Reporting Center keeps track of UFO sightings and lists them all on their website. They sort the sightings by state, shape and date. This one all went down in Duluth.

According to the person who reported the sighting, this happened on Friday, June 18th. It lasted about half an hour and was similar to a fireball. This sighting was unusual because, according to the report, there were seven "glowing globes" floating above Lake Superior.

The person who reported the sighting, whose name is not given, said they were on their deck to watch a storm come in and Snapchatting their friends at the same time. As the clouds rolled in, about fifty to one-hundred feet in the air, two "glowing balls" appeared and headed over the hill near the Lake Superior area. Apparently, they were the size of softballs.

The roommate in the house also saw the same thing and corroborates the story. They both ruled out the strange sightings as a drone because there were multiple in the same area, rather than just one.

The report states that all of the lights took different courses in the sky, all headed towards Lake Superior for the most part. However, all took "different trajectories" than the other.

While the person who reported the sighting is anonymous, they are hoping that others saw the very same thing that night. They did say that they and their roommate caught some video but was hoping others saw the same thing to validate their story and what they saw.

Hopefully, someone else comes forward and others saw it too! Lake Superior is a hot spot for alien or UFO sightings. In fact, there are legends that say that the lake is a hot spot for the paranormal. Some say UFOs may actually be hiding in Lake Superior, which would really be something.

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