The town of Rochester, Minnesota sees a lot of interesting things downtown - celebrities that visit thanks to visits at the Mayo Clinic, a party in the middle of winter full of ice amazing sculptures, and now, we even have a little pond surrounded by bricks with words on them and puffs of smoke that shoots up every now and then to celebrate life and death.  In the midst of all of this, we also have someone stealing plants in the middle of the night.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Don't believe me?  It was all caught on camera...and since you can see the guy's face really well AND the car that picks him up, I KNOW someone knows him.

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Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Downtown Rochester, Minnesota Business Catches Plant Thief on Camera

A business in downtown Rochester, Thai Pop, asked the public for help on Facebook after plants were stolen for the third time from their patio at 4 3rd St SW.

Who steals plants? Seriously..! Well, this guy apparently. Please help us catch this thief. He uprooted two of our tropical plants last night and got away in a white getaway car (no joke!). This has been reported, but anything helps so this stops! This is the third time this has happened 😞 and you know we love our plants! - ThaiPop Facebook Page

The video they posted shows a guy either crawling or falling towards the patio and standing by a pole.  I'm not a police officer but if I had to guess, he was texting his driver while he was there.

You can see the rest of the videos that were posted on Facebook here that show the individual removing the plants and then getting into a car that pulls up on Broadway and waits for him.

Do you know who the plant thief is in downtown Rochester, Minnesota?

Someone knows this guy.  There is also a white car out there that probably has some dirt in the backseat.  If you've got a tip, share those with the Rochester Police Department at (507) 328-6800.

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Can I just ask, why are people still stealing things when we have cameras LITERALLY everywhere?

I don't have the mind of a criminal so I don't get it, but why are people stealing when we have cameras practically everywhere?  I can't even drive down my road without my neighbors being alerted by their cameras and trust me, no one can enter my driveway or back of my house without me knowing about it.

We used to worry about Big Brother watching us all the time.  Now, everyone is watching us.  So why risk getting caught stealing?  And why plants?  If you have any insight on that, please explain over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio.

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