I'm not the only one obsessed with the #ootd hashtag, am I?

If you don't know that "#ootd" is, you'll find it a lot on Instagram. You'll sometimes find it on Twitter or Facebook too. It means "outfit of the day", and it's a cute/easy way to show the world (on social media) how adorable your outfit is!

Why use this hashtag? Let's be honest - you didn't buy those new jeans at Target for only your friends and family to see, right!? You want to show them off!

I took a look at my Instagram account, and noticed (without realizing before!) that I've been doing #ootd solidly for just over a year now! Apparently, I started on August 21st, 2017. I don't really remember making a conscious decision to take part in this community to show off trendy outfits necessarily, but I do remember wanting to show any female online that the clothes they have in their very closets are beautiful as they are... and there are a million ways to re-wear them!

Let's take a look at our first #ootd year.

Wasn't that crazy!? I guess I did get a little "trendier" and "hipper", but I still made my favorite things my outfit staples. You know: red, black, animal print, boots.... the whole nine.

Thanks for looking back with me!

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