Ladies, it's time to admit that we need this in our lives.

He's eye candy that will take us right out of any funk, with the junk in the trunk you think you thunk - it's time for this week's hunk! Every week, I plan on saluting men we know and love to look at. Why? Well, I didn't think I'd need a reason for this... but, one of the reasons is we just don't see it enough! Guys have their "babes of the day" right? Why can't we have our version of that?

"The Red Road" Portraits - 2014 Sundance Film Festival
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I say it's time for a change! So, let's introduce you to our first ever "Hunk Of The Week" actor Jason Momoa.

We first started to recognize Jason as Khal Drago on Game Of Thrones during it's very first season.


Since then, he's been onscreen in the latest version of Conan, Stargate Atlantis, and more recently, The Frontier (in which you can now watch all of his Canadian fur trade butt-kicking glory) on Netflix.

You might even remember him from his Baywatch days in the 90's too. Yeah, he was still a hunk then too. Shock, I know.

Jason Merritt
Jason Merritt

Perhaps the coolest thing about Jason though, is the crazy amount of love he has for his wife Lisa Bonet (Yep! That Cosby kid!). They've got two kids of their own which he's equally as crazy about too!

Few things are sweeter than seeing a man's love for his wife and his family.

He really just seems like a happy guy in general too. He's done countless interviews where he's laughing, joking, smiling and all while not taking himself too seriously. He seems to be a humble guy. I think Lisa Bonet is one lucky lady to have him!

Not jealous at all, right?

Coming soon, Jason will appear as Aquaman as the Justice League series kicks off in theaters this summer. He might not have the original Aquaman look - BUT! We're not complaining about that extra ab screen time!

Enjoy! I'll leave you guys with this adorable video of Jason and his kids.

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