This is kind of an obvious one.

Hey, who could blame me!!?? He's the eye candy that's oh so dandy with the junk in the trunk you think you thunk - ladies, I give you Sam Hunt for our Hunk Of The Week!! Any objections?

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Yeah... didn't think so.

Sam made this week's list for a few reasons. First, he puts out amazing music. You've heard his latest tune, "Body Like A Backroad" right? Check out how sweet he was singing this to his fiancé Hannah at the ACM Awards this past weekend!


This brings me to my next reason Sam made this week's list. He completely loves his fiancé and went through a lot to finally propose to her. For now, the wedding date is still a mystery... but Sam recently revealed that much of his massive Montevalllo album is about her.

Who's "her"? In case you missed it, meet Hannah Lee Fowler.

I mean.... c'mon!!!! This Georgia boy and his beautiful fiancé are putting us to shame! haha!

In all seriousness, we love Sam and we're happy for him. Keep making great music man!


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