For those of you who know me, "Val" on Quick Country 96.5 and Z-ROCK 107.7, you know that I'm pretty much an open book when it comes to what I share with you.

TSM Rochester: Bridget Befort
TSM Rochester: Bridget Befort

I don't think it makes a whole lot of sense to discontinue that notion now. So, I'll just tell you that effective today (Halloween) I've chosen to resign from my position as an on-air talent with Townsquare Media in Rochester in order to focus on my health and "see what else is out there" in life.

I've truly cherished my time getting to know all of you through our chats on the phone, events held in Rochester, local concerts, that brewery down the street, or Cafe Steam dates. I can't thank you enough for following me, Quick Country 96.5 and Z-ROCK 107.7 since August of 2016.

You took a chance on someone brand new in your community. Like the good Minnesotans that you are, you welcomed me and my family as though we'd been here for years. I'll never forget that. Minnesotan nice isn't just a saying. It's a lifestyle, and you live it.

I do hope that Quick Country 96.5 and Z-ROCK 107.7 will continue to be the soundtrack to your lives. I know first hand that those folks work hard to keep you informed, and laughing, with the best tunes around!

For me, this isn't quite a goodbye to Rochester. I will still be in town because we have found it to be a great fit for my family. I'd love to continue seeing your smiling faces! I can still be followed at Val In Vogue - my new lifestyle and music blog, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please keep in touch there!

I love you all! Thank you for giving me your most valuable possession: your time. Anymore, we're all ridiculously busy - and yet you chose to spend parts of your day with me and our stations. I'm so grateful that we bonded!

See you around town!



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