I asked you guys to help me with a little project. I'm so grateful and glad that you did!

You might remember that yesterday (on our Facebook page) I asked you, Quick Country, to send me your selfies. I wanted to get as many of your beautiful faces as part of a gallery to show off what Rochester has to offer!

Here are the results!

Quick Country Selfies

Again, you guys were so sweet and kind to send in any selfies at all! Thank you!!

You guys really opened up to us. I learned from you. Curious about what your selfies taught me? I think I can boil it down to five things.

  1. We love our pets. A lot of you LOVED sending in your pet photos and showing off your fur babies! Keep those pics coming!
  2. We're parents and grandparents, just like anyone else. We love our kids, and our family! We love to take pics with them every chance we get. Why not? Family is important.
  3. We like to be silly. I absolutely adored going through all the silly faces you sent in! It never hurts to goof off a little.
  4. Snapchat is a favorite app. A lot of you guys sent in funny pics with Snapchat filters! Love them!
  5. We're constantly looking for ways to have fun. Whether it's on a snowmobile, while drinking beer with friends, out in a helicopter, or simply taking a funny photo with loved ones - we like to have fun!

Thank you so much for taking part in this, and for sharing a slice of your life with us! We love ya!

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