This posting was inspired by a friend who used a banana to convey his message. I laughed like hell when I saw it, so now it's your turn! Here's how it works.

I know what you're thinking....c'mon Steve, don't you have better things to do? Perhaps I do, but it's been a tough week and just wanted to have a little FUN on the ole Quick Country Facebook page this weekend, and give you a chance to make all of us laugh. Follow the guidelines below and you could win a couple of special prizes!

Guidelines For The Banana-Phone Selfie Challenge

1. Snap a selfie of YOU on your Banana-Phone

2. Post that image on the Quick Country Facebook Page in the comments section of the "Show Us Your Banana-Phone" Facebook Thread that will break on Saturday Morning.

3. MOST IMPORTANT: Then CAPTION your image yourself and hit POST. (the funnier, the better) Remember, the Quick Country Website & Facebook Pages are 'family friendly' mediums!

4. Make that post anytime before 11:59 pm Sunday evening.....that's it!


Whoever makes me laugh the hardest over the course of Saturday & Sunday will WIN a free CD ; a still-in-the-wrapper Eric Church 'Mr Misunderstood' CD from my personal collection, along with a pack of Eric Church 'The Joint' Playing Cards from the Outsiders Tour.

Winner will be notified via the Quick Country Facebook Page early next Monday. Arrangements will then be made to collect your prizes.

Now, hit your favorite produce department, C-Store, or kitchen pantry and show us your Banana-Phone Selfie......make us laugh, HARD!

Steve Richards ~ Quick Country Weekends

Can you speak up? I'm on a Delmonte here!
Can you speak up? I'm on a Delmonte here!

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