If the rest of 2019 unfolds like last weekend in Omaha unfolded, it's going to be a great year, especially if you're an Eric Church fan, or country music fan in general. Minneapolis and southeast Minnesota have their chance on Feb 8th & 9th to reset the bar that was set last weekend in Omaha. I have never seen an Eric Church show where all 17 thousand in attendance were all plugged in at once.(my 25th & 26th shows, respectively) Even with about 1/3 of those in attendance first-timers (that's a guess), there were no posers in the house who stood out to me. The crowd mix seemed to be from 9 years old to 69 years old, and that could be seen throughout the CHI Health Care Arena. It seemed that everyone in attendance had a reverence for this man in some certain way. Eric has left a trail of great songs alongside the road for us to find. Nobody gets more out of their back-catalog of songs than Eric 'eFing' Church. (Sinners Like Me & Carolina albums come to mind) More.......

Photo: Steve Richards ~ Quick Country 96.5

Earlier, I said the words country music. Yes, that's where he resides, but in all essence, he is everywhere. In the Pop world, Blues , Boogie, Americana, Southern Rock, folk. Hell, he even brought Ray Wylie Hubbard (dead thumb king) into the mix to sit down and write a song with; the title track to Desperate Man. Read some some of the reviews that are out there, including Rolling Stone, and newspapers blogs like OmhahaDOTcom . You could also tap into the fan blogs & FB Groups like Holding Our Own, and Sinners Like Me for more buzz and info straight from fans like you.They are the BEST for FRESH cell phone video, too! There are enough testimonials out there to get yourself excited when Eric Church rolls in to your town for our Minnesota weekend. Hotels locked-down for Church Choir members, spotlights illuminating Choir Members logged into their seats via the all NEW Eric Church App, Jack Daniels bottle engraving, a Pop-Up store. and even Eric doing on-the-fly REQUESTS from The Pit down front.

For me this past weekend it was the company I kept that also made the kick-off to the #DoubleDownTour so good.  If you're an Eric Church fan this is like the Superbowl rolling into your town, only BETTER! Expect no opening acts, at least 3 hours of LIVE music each night, and memories that will last you a lifetime!

Steve Richards - Quick Country 96.5

Photo: Steve Richards ~ Quick Country 96.5 - Our Omaha Crew - Minneapolis is next!
Photo: Steve Richards ~ Quick Country 96.5