This ride for many local Eric Church fans started right here in Rochester, MN. at Mayo Park in July of 2006!

Think back. It was July 2006 at the Down By The Riverside Summer Concert Series. Eric Church was probably still an obscure blip on your country music radar. Two days before the formal release of his first radio single, 'How Bout You' he played an impassioned set in Mayo Park at the long running local concert series. If you were there that evening there is no doubt in my mind that you remember it well. Some of you may remember it better than others, for chances are you met him that evening, just like I did!

Photo Credit: Terry Greenwaldt - Rochester, MN - 2006

Photo Credit: Terry Greenwaldt - Rochester, MN - 2006

Album Review - Eric Church - Desperate Man - by Steve Richards - Quick Country 96-5


Music can heal what is broken. Despite the tragedy in Las Vegas that made him recoil into obscurity for awhile, Eric Church remains fearless.

I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a fan club exclusive listening opportunity of Eric's new album which drops tomorrow, that being Desperate Man. Eric's loyal legion of fans (the Church Choir) have been taken care of first since the very beginning, a trend that I hope continues into the future. 'Choir Members' have been receiving the the vinyl album & CD at their doorsteps since Monday of this week. (I received mine on Tues)

I think you will like this record. Listen from start to finish if you can. This record is best experienced as a whole album listening adventure.  The content is mature, he knows where he's been, where's he's going, and his mind is clear & fertile with regards to his song writing. Bluesy, gnarly & stripped-down at times, but with plenty of twists and turns to convey a  degree of synchronicity with his life, and the many in today's world who have been following his career (or not). He remains steadfast and true to his beliefs, his soul, and being. Most importantly, it's fearless, and certainly a solid contender for Album of the Year for 2018 in my humble opinion. Step-up and get the record in your hands on Fri. October 5th. It will be available everywhere!

ALSO.... Please post a selfie of YOU, and your copy of 'Desperate Man' on the Quick Country Facebook Page, and you will garner the coveted Steve Richards 'squeal of approval'!


Steve's take.......

01 - The Snake  -taking a page out of the Ray Wylie Hubbard playbook

02 - Hangin' Around -this effort's Chattanooga Lucy

03 - Heart Like a Wheel -sultry, sexy, stripped-down feel with a few guitar tricks to boot

04 - Some of It -beautiful, warm acoustic guitar tones. a future #1 hit!

05 - Monsters - I call this "classic Church music" - the music break is not overdone, but reminds us all that it's the message that really counts

06 - Hippie Radio - It feels good, filled with a catchy lyrics, inspired by 'boomers', and consumed by those riding in the back seat. Influence matters!

07 - Higher Wire - a single, lone guitar reverberating deep tone sets the stage for an almost gospel-like,background vocal-filled retort

08 - Desperate Man - current single...a classic ear-worm!

09 - Solid - it could be1974 in Muscle Shoals, or just yesterday out in red-dirt Texas hill country, but it's Solid!

10 - Jukebox and a Bar - a trippy intro leads to a traditional country sound - "there's no better prescription, for the human condition, than a Jukebox & a Bar"

11 - Drowning Man - the tasty, lone guitar leads to a gnarly lift of reality of one's personal struggles, with no candy coating!


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