Don Henley’s new album, Cass County, will be released in stores and online September 25th.

Preorder CASS COUNTY now on iTunes and receive two tracks instantly – “That Old Flame” (featuring Martina McBride) and “Take A Picture of This”:

Don Henley - Cass County Official Trailer [NEW MUSIC - VIDEO]

Tis true.... I have always been a 'closet' Don Henley fan. I've seen him perform several times with his band, The Eagles, and also a couple of times during his last solo tour in 2001/2002 on the 'Inside Job' Tour.

screenshot: You Tube
screenshot: You Tube

It seems almost a trend for some from the Rock/Classic Rock, & Americana genres to dive in an make a Country Record these days. Most recently, Steve Tyler of Aerosmith comes to mind. However, in this particular instance with Don Henley making the move to country, I must say that this one I am truly looking forward to hearing, and will undoubtedly buy the album, and go see ((LIVE)) should he come near enough. How about YOU? -steve

“That Old Flame” (featuring Martina McBride) [WATCH-LISTEN]

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