You have probably heard of Noah Schnacky but he will soon become a household name after this collaboration with fellow country artist Jimmie Allen!

In case you don't know him just yet, Schnacky is an artist working his way up in the country music industry. The cool thing is he is from right here in Minnesota! He is a Minneapolis native who now calls Nashville home while he pursues his dream of music.

Now, he is in the big leagues with a new song titled Don't You Wanna Know. It features Jimmie Allen, as mentioned, and is incredibly catchy. It is safe to say it is going to be a big hit!

Schnacky did an interview about the new song with People. In the interview, he said the two musicians became friends a few years ago while they were both on the docket for a big festival. He says Allen was the only person who gave him the time of day and a friendship was born.

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The bond between the two is evident in the song and in the way Schnacky talks about his fellow country star. As for the song, it definitely rides the line of country and pop. It is really catchy, too!

Schnacky is on his way to becoming a huge star. He is currently signed to Big Machine Records and has garnered millions of streams for his music over the past few years. He is also an actor and has a huge social media following, with over one-million followers on his Instagram page alone!

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