This is one hundred percent a true story! I promise!


Well, totally true that it was a dream I had. Am I the only one that gets the occasional bought of sleep paralysis? Sometimes stress or anxiety is the source. When I go through it, it causes me to have really weird dreams. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has the occasional dream about their co-worker?

Early this morning, I had a very intense one involving our own Samm Adams!

It all started when I was in my bed being attacked by two black figures (I call them demons) on either side of me. Samm was standing kitty-corner to my right, in my bedroom doorway. She simply yelled to a medium (who was apparently already there for this showdown), "Get in here quick! It's getting bad!" ...meaning that the attack I was enduring was getting especially intense. I didn't feel a thing. I just knew I couldn't scream "No!" at the demons when I wanted to.

I woke up when my alarm went off, feeling a huge sense of relief that none of this terror actually happened in my apartment.

Thanks, Samm! What was the last weird dream you had??

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