Every winter in a small town in Northern Minnesota, the school has its annual "ride your snowmobile to school day." A handful of students did that, and while most ran their more reliable, later-model sleds, one student chose to stand out.

Vince Kajala resurrected an old vintage 1970s Arctic Cat snowmobile. He got it running, using some questionable methods. The seat is definitely something that stands out. The rest of the sled is functional, if barely. Yet, the sled made it to the school and only got stuck a few times.

His dad, Steve, says they have other sleds he could have ridden, but Vince was determined to take this monstrosity. He sent his kids off with I'm guessing his fingers crossed, and maybe saying a prayer.

Steve Kajala
Steve Kajala

It wasn't long before people took notice. It's obviously not a sight you see very often. The snowmobile has no hood, a living room chair on it, and who knows what else is going on there.

Another Facebook Page, Iron Ranger Outdoors applauded Vince for keeping the sport alive. As he points out, he probably has a better grasp on keeping a sled running than other kids his age. Part of snowmobiling is keeping sleds running, sometimes with trailside fixes. This kid already has quite a head start on that.

I think it's great, and I'm happy to see a teenager get their hands dirty and take pride in what they can do. Way to keep the spirit of snowmobiling alive, Vince!

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