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It was a once in a lifetime meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The most famous hot dog vehicle of all time, available for wedding proposals, speeding, and all around fun finally meets up with the love of it's life' the most popular peanut vehicle since time and peanut vehicles began.

Who can forget that time the nut mobile visited Rochester and made me so happy I almost peed my pants?


Pepperidge Farms Remembers. As should we all.

These are two majorly iconic vehicles, crisscrossing the country to bring joy and peanuts/hot dogs to one and all never sought joy for themselves. When did they have time for anything other than a quick hello to fans? So, is it any surprise that when they finally met...it was love?

One source, a University of Minnesota student who may not even exist, said, "I could hear them speaking in those kind of quiet whispers reserved for employees that meet, discover love, but know it must never be made public." That student is on to something. Both Mr Peanut and Oscar Mayer are owned by the Kraft Company!

Surely the wiener and the nut are famous enough they don't have to worry about losing their jobs due to a little workplace shenanigans!

Finally...Four Great Peanut Jokes for Dinner Friday Night

  • My dad gets so mad if there's no toast for his peanut butter.
    • He's so lack-toast intolerant.
  • What has peanut butter, and flies laughing hysterically over the beach?
    • A sand-witch
  • What do you call a person that puts butts on peanuts?
    • A peanut butter
  • What do you get when you eat a peanut butter & baked bean sandwich?
    • A fart that sticks to the roof of your butt.
  • My friend peanut butter called me today said he had great news about his job. 
    • Apparently he is on celery now!

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