We live in a very beautiful city. There's a lot to do and lots to see, but sometimes trash can be an issue. Rochester has a new city project that will help keep our neighborhood clean and reduce water pollution in our lakes and rivers. They are calling it the "Adopt-A-Drain Project." The goal is to give Rochester residents access to clean waterways and look to impact the future.

The Adopt-A- Drain project website says that you are only expected to clean your adopted drain two times a year. Anything above that is greatly appreciated. They will even send out reminders when it is time to beautify our city. KTTC claims that there are around 18,000 drains in Rochester that need people to adopt them. When you make the commitment to clean the drain, you get to name it and even get a sign with that name on it.

Adopting and cleaning a drain isn't brain surgery. They ask that you simply clean the trash and debris on, near and around the drain. The process is super simple because you don't have to take the grate off in order to do a great job. The site recommends that you bring gloves, trash bags, shovels and rakes to complete this task.

When it does come to cleaning, your safety is the important thing! These sites recommend that you put cones out and wear a reflective vest. If you are interested in adopting a drain, click here for more information.

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