In the relatively short amount of time I've lived here in Rochester, I've heard numerous people ask why we don't have an IHOP. Well, I'm here tell you there IS an IHOP here in the Med City.

I'm no great detective, mind you, all it took was a quick Google search and, sure enough, IHOP Rochester popped right up. But, I'm guessing you won't be able to get any pancakes there, though.

IHOP Rochester is actually the International House of Prayer, and they're located at  608 2nd Street Southwest, just west of 6th Street. They describe their organization like this:

"A house of worship and praise, making room for the Lord to open the windows of Heaven over Rochester.We currently offer a variety of prayer events listening to the Holy Spirit for direction and targeted prayer," their website notes.

So, yeah, unless there's a special breakfast prayer event (and I checked their upcoming events page and didn't see one), if you're looking for pancakes, you might be out of luck.

The other IHOP-- the International House of Pancake that is-- still isn't here in the Med City, and apparently isn't planning on heading here anytime soon, either. Their corporate site does not list Rochester as a coming location. In fact, if you want to get your IHOP on, the closest location to Rochester is in either Apple Valley or Burnsville.

So, while we're talking about IHOP, have you ever wondered why is it called the INTERNATIONAL House of Pancakes? I thought maybe it was because they served Belgian waffles. Turns out, I'm close. One online discussion forum answered that question this way:

Because they serve french toast and crepes. You have to remember that in 1958, when the first International House of Pancakes opened, this was a fancy place that had these 'exotic' foods from Europe. They pioneered Swedish crepes which have lingonberries," the site said.

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