Residents in the north metro were woken up to a loud bang around 2:10 this morning. No one was quite sure where it came from, as there weren't any thunderstorms in the area or reports of fireworks going off. Instead, it was one Minnesotans weather camera that may have found the answer to what woke people up...a meteor entering the atmosphere. 

It wasn't just any meteor, it was confirmed to the biggest one this year according to the Star Tribune. The American Meteor Society stated that a fireball about the size of a refrigerator entered the stratosphere above Cambridge in Isanti County about 2:10 a.m. and illuminated the sky with brilliant hues of blues and greens as it traveled eastward and burned out before going dark around Harris in southern Chisago County.

Image Credit: AMSMETEOR.ORG Minnesota 12/20 sighting map

Katie K of Oak Grove, MN caught this video of the sky brightening significantly from the meteor.

Another Oak Grove observer stated that they even heard a sound to go with the flash of light in the sky, but it wasn't the boom some people said they had heard.

You can see a video of the meteor streaking across the sky from Twitter user @Clouscout here. 

The Star Tribune also reported that the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office’s dispatch center said there were “multiple calls” from communities across the northern portion of the county.