Anyone sick of the term 'new normal' yet? Sadly this video seems to be many people's everyday life with work and in some cases family members. It's a humor-based look at the conference call by YouTubers Tripp and Tyler. 

This video has it all, the tech-'no' who has no idea how it works, the overtalkers, the dropped caller who re-enters, the early leaver, the announced-less attendee, and of course the rapid hang-up by the rest of the participants at the end.

It seems like ever Zoom conference call I've entered for work has one of these people in it. I get real life isn't perfect, and you shouldn't take work so seriously and this video proves that.

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I wonder if they will make a new one, but this time as the people enter the call, they had an empty picture frame around there upper half like in a video call.

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