The world needs more Ron Swanson from NBC's Parks and Rec. If you are unfamiliar with the former NBC show, you can check it out on Netflix, Hulu, or type it into Youtube. Nick Offerman is the actor who plays the character Ron Swanson. Swanson in the show is a no non-sense director of the Parks and Recreation department of the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, where he actively looks to make the government less involved. He also loves meat. 

I witnessed this beauty last night online and just had to share it.

The Youtube user DrFakenstein has done other similar videos before, but this one might be his best one yet. Even Nick Offerman doesn't seem to mind his face overlayed onto the entire Full House cast as he tweeted his gratitude.


What Full House character in full Ron Swanson was your favorite? Mine had to be Bob Saget as he creepily raises his eyebrows.

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