This year's weather has not been the best, which has taken a toll on many of the farmers. They weren't able to plant until late June which then pushed back harvest to right now or mid-October. The Farmers Almanac predicts that it's going to be another rough winter, which isn't good for farmers.

I was talking to my friend last night who farms here in southeastern Minnesota and he said they are super behind. His family is worried about snow in the forecast this week and this weekend. They do not know if they are going to be able to complete harvest in time. For many, this means that the next few days are going to be long sleepless hours of working hard to make sure that they get their crop to market.

Brownfield Ag News for America talked to central Minnesota farmer Clifford Johnson. He said they would be lucky if their corn crop makes it this year. They had to plant in late June, which means harvest date would be late October, but snow would really mess that up.

The USDA has also taken a look at harvest season this year. They put out some numbers that are very alarming. These numbers were as of September 29th of this year. By now we normally Minnesota has 24% of the soybeans harvested, but this year only 5% has been. Of that 95% that is left, only 56% of it is in good enough condition to harvest. Taking a look at corn... as of September 29th, NO CORN had been harvested. Normally we have 4% by now. Of the corn that is still out there, only 53% of it is in good condition.

Snow is not going to be on anyone's side this week. Usually, snow means a deep freeze. Cold and corn just don't mix. Even if farmers put in overtime, they are going to be pushing it! This makes my heart super sad. We are sending all the positive thoughts we can their way this week!

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